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Interview with Bury Rangers Girls FC in Hertford

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Hi and welcome to the second episode of our local sports blog. Here we will tell you about local clubs we have been speaking to and inform you about our visit.

We went along and visited Bury Rangers Girls on one of their training sessions on 24th June at Richard Hale School in Hertford. Initial contact had been made with Jamie Southwell who runs the girls section of Bury Rangers, and he had kindly invited us along to a training session for the chance to speak to himself, some coaches, players and parents.

All the girls seemed to be excited upon our arrival and we received an instant warm welcome as we quickly set up our Audio Recording Equipment.

Various parents were obviously aware that we were going to be present that evening and were all very warm and friendly towards us.

I let the training session proceed, and once Jamie had finished with his first training session, we introduced ourselves. Now being involved in local girls football myself, this was actually the first time I had met Jamie, and I must say what a pleasure it was to meet someone so friendly and passionate about girls football as myself.

Once everything was ready we conducted our interview with Jamie. I felt the passion that he shows for encouraging girls football, and like myself, he got involved due to having a daughter that was taking part, isn’t that how most coaches start, by stepping up and helping out? All went well until the rain decided to descend and then it was time to find a dry area, and shut the laptop down before it did so on it’s own!

After speaking to Jamie we was given the opportunity to speak with some of the girls that play for the older teams who help out with the coaching of the youngest girls at the club. For myself this is a fantastic idea to do the coaching this way, as it show’s the younger girls the progression they can make through the club. One of the girls (Freya) has already been put through by the club to achieve her level 1 FA coaching badge, which is a massive achievement for her. They were all invited by Jamie himself to help with the coaching of the Wildcats and their enthusiasm for doing so shone.

The chance was then given to speak to one of the parents of a player at the club, and we was given the insight into the club from a different view, which was once again very positive.

Finally we spoke to Katie who plays for the under 13’s and we spoke to her following their training session. We had been asking the girls for someone to speak to as they came off the pitches and they all seemed to be of the same opinion that Katie was who we should be speaking to. Once again she spoke passionately about the game and the club, and her teammates were all watching with enthusiasm recording the action on their phones!

Overall the visit was a fantastic experience, everyone at the club was so welcoming, seemed pleased to see us there, but most of all it was great to see the smiles on all the girls faces during and after training.

It was a pleasure to be invited along to visit them, and hopefully we will get to meet up again soon!

Remember that tourney Jamie!

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